Quality Tires from Asia to the world


Faralong tyres (formerly All-Road) is a very good line for your business to build brand recognition. With a capacity of more than 24 millon tires a year, supply is guaranteed.  And having passed main quality certifications for the most demanding markets, it’s also a brand you can trust.  And with the right range of sizes. PCR and TBR.

Through an agreement with this well-known tire brand form China, we can offer our customers the most popular measures at special, competitive  prices.

Key specifications:

1.Main quality certifications: DOT,ECE,GCC,SMARK,ISO,CCC

2.Full range of sizes.

3.Competitive prices and good delivery time!

4.Low noise tires

5.Most popular patterns for PCR and TBR

6. PCR and TBR can be mixed in the same container.

All-Road is in constant expansion. New sizes are added in a continuously basis.


Please download our 2014 PCR catalog here

Please download our 2014 TBR catalog here

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