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Citystar. There are few products that combine performance and quality. This is a tire made with the latest technology and quality materials only to achieve a durable and structurally sound product.

Citystar is also marketed under a well-known brand, but through agreements with our partners manufacturers, our lightweight structure and no royalty payment allow us to provide a very reliable product at an unbeatable price. We can offer it in the key measures of your markets.

Discover why Citystar is the "new star in town". Proudly manufactured in China!

Key specifications:

1.High quality product (Treadware 320 / Traction A / Temperatura A)

2. Focused on key, competitive sizes for demanding countries.

3. Excellent delivery time!

Comparative with popular brands:

1) Goodyear GPS-3 (made in Peru), 2) Rotalla (Made in China) and Tracmax (made in china).

Contact us for a catalog and pricing for your market.