Winning the Price War

Due to the fact that there is more offers than demand in the tire business today, what most tire dealers are facing is a price war, and trying to find the lowest price. This search is endless and frustrating, because no matter how hard you try, there will always be a lower price. The only way to overcome this issue is concentrating on the things you can control:

Service:  Even though it sounds redundant, the only way to add value to your product is to provide the best service possible.

Steady Programs:  Do not switch from brand to brand. What most customers need is consistency – maintain what has worked for you, and use reliable suppliers.

Be a leader in the market place:  Hard times make you stronger: anticipate future demand, look into new opportunities that you might have overlooked in the past, or new ones that are now presenting themselves, and excel in professionalism. Customers will always follow the expert.

With these basics concepts you will win the “price war”!

Rene Penaranda

 Latin Sales Manager

American Omni Trading Co.